The world has changed rapidly since the onset of the dot-com boom and bust. A job in the big consulting firm or a top financial services company is not the most desired thing anymore, a high paying tech job is. The compass has tilted in favour of the tech companies which are now at the top of Forbes’ 500 charts and have influenced our day to day lives immensely.

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Right from the internet revolution to the mobile proliferation to cloud in recent times, software engineers have been immensely contributing to the growth of our economies and lifestyle. In this article, we’ll focus on –

21st-century skills that you need to equip yourself with to stay ahead of the curve:

according to the folks we’ve asked, the consensus is that students need transparency-level skills in these areas:

  • Problem-solving
  • Coding
  • Analytic thinking
  • Career opportunities
  • Communication
  • Ethics, action, and accountability

This 21st-century skills list is purposefully embedded within the Essential Fluencies. In the meantime, let’s talk more about why these skills are important.


Why it’s important: In the future, complex problems that we can’t even conceive right now will be everywhere. As society advances, so will the complexity of its manageable conflicts. The more we focus on students’ ability to devise effective solutions to real-world problems, the more successful those students will become. This is what Solution Fluency is all about. It means solving complex problems effectively in real time using unique and carefully designed solutions.

In addition to this, problem-solvers can work independently from higher supervision. They are initiative takers and enjoy risk, and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and make mistakes. They also learn from those mistakes, and habitually debrief their processes to create more efficient and economical solutions.


A lot of people believe coding should be taught to kids from a very young age. Not only it would help greatly in increasing the career prospects, but it would also help the kid solve complicated problems and think logically. The unique thing about coding is that the approach taken to solve a logical coding problem(breaking a big problem into smaller ones) is similar to the one usually taken in real life to solve complicated issues.

There are also a lot of life aspects that coding helps foster in kids. Be it collaboration or a sense of aesthetics, your kid would definitely be aware of the environment he/she grows up in and be able to blend in it.

Analytical thinking

Why it’s important: Analytic thinking means being able to use the higher end of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy or higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).

Tasks that require linear thinking and routine cognitive work are being outsourced more and more. So it’s essential to guide students towards being able to perform analytic thinking. It is crucial to their ability to succeed in life after the classroom.

Analytical thinkers see data and information in many different dimensions, and from multiple angles. They are adept at conceptualization, organization and classification, and knowledge synthesis. These types of skills are invaluable because they allow students to deal practically with problems of social, mathematical, and scientific nature. It empowers them to make effective and level-headed decisions in their lives and relationships. It’s easy to see why critical and analytical thinking skills are important to success beyond school.

Online marketing

Learn 21st century skills - online marketing

With social media platforms like FB crossing 2 billion users and “Google” getting added to Oxford dictionary, it is not surprising that online marketing has surpassed traditional marketing spending in developed markets and this trend is only expected to grow. It doesn’t matter if you are starting an offline food business or an e-commerce store, online should be part of your strategy for either customer acquisition or to maintain brand recognition.

The world now spends more time online than ever. Mastering digital marketing is all about analytics and content. And it doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or not, it has become important for any professional to understand basic digital concepts to advance in their career and get noticed by recruiters.

Career opportunities

Career Opportunities - 21st century skills

Be it scripting languages like Javascript or a language like Python, the number of career opportunities that pay well has increased manifold in recent years. With a number of exciting technological developments taking place every year, there are abundant opportunities in fields like data science and AI that provides a challenging and exciting atmosphere for young professionals.

Students can start slow by learning basic concepts on e-learning platforms like TechLearn or Coursera and then start to undertake practical projects. It is very important to bridge the gap between theory and practical learning and that is what we at Techlearn strive to do with our mentors and practical assignments. Rote learning is not the name of the game anymore and students are increasingly realizing this.


At the end of the day, communication is very vital to thrive in a world that is increasingly getting automated. Communication is also not about language anymore. It is the ability to express your thoughts and emotions clearly via different electronic and offline mediums.

Be it blogging or expressing your thoughts fluently in online mediums, communicating efficiently gives you a leg up amongst your peers by helping you reach a huge audience.

Ethics, Action, and Accountability

Why it’s important: A well-rounded and responsible global digital citizen practices personal, global, and online responsibilities geared towards creating a better world for everyone. This is a selfless, helpful, and caring individual who is respectful of other cultures and belief systems, and diligent about being at their best with interactions of all sorts, both online and offline.

Teaching our kids about global awareness and Internet safety have become mainstream practices in education. It’s great to see such skills garnering the attention they deserve. The Global Digital Citizen Foundation continues to create resources to help educators all over the world incorporate these practices into their own teaching strategies.


In conclusion, the 21st Century is going to be dominated by tech and it is vital that you learn these skills to stay ahead of the curve and outshine your peers. At Techlearn, we believe in educating the upcoming and young professionals with the latest coding skills. Reach out to us to advance in your career and experience the power of practical learning with abundant mentorship.


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