Complete guide to python programming for beginners in 2021

Learn python programming from beginning

Python programming has surged to become one of the most popular programming languages. in recent years, with a rise in applications ranging from web scraping to machine learning to natural language processing. Not only is it an easy language to learn, but there are also hordes of opportunities for people who are proficient in python. If you are a student/beginner looking to learn python, here is how you start:

  • Download Python from Python Software Foundation. Being open-source software, python is available for free of cost and on different platforms(Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Read tutorials for Beginners

Learn Python Programming online

Not only do tutorial sites that specialize in python. Live sessions that TechLearn offers help you to solidify what you have learned by giving Industrial projects. But you also get to practice your code in real-time which would help you in spotting errors in code. Practical learning helps you enhance your skills when compared to learning in theory. Tutorials also help you learn the concepts in a linear process and are comprehensive in the way they approach the subject.

Undertake python projects that are focussed on real-time applications

There has been a gap that has been existing for years between the theoretical programming skills that are taught in class and the real-world applications. Projects play a vital role in bridging the gap. Be it a data analytics course or a lesson on chatbots, the best way to learn python is to do projects and build stuff. At TechLearn, there are a ton of live sessions and projects that are provided with the python course covering a range of topics right from OOPS to handling HTTP requests.

Get a Good Mentor

Mentorship for Python Programming

There are a myriad of reasons why having a mentor is really significant for your career. Not only do mentors help you with providing information and knowledge, but they can also see where you need to improve by having a bird’s view of the situation in hand. Make sure you register in a place that provides you with a mentor who can allocate sufficient time for you and is skilled. At TechLearn, we ensure that each individual enrolling in python projects and live-sessions get individual attention from the industry experts who specialize in the subject.


Communicating with peers who are in the process of learning python/specialize in the subject is one of the best ways to fasten the process of mastering the topics. It doesn’t matter if you live in a major city/town, all you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go. There is a multitude of coding events related to python that takes place both online/offline. Some of the popular sites where there is a huge community of python users are HackerRank, CodeChef, and Topcoder to name a few.

Watch online python programming videos


Visual learning is the best way to learn a subject. Be it TechLearn, Coursera or YouTube, cross-verify the topics and learn from multiple visual sources to gain different perspectives on the same topic. Videos get imprinted in your mind and you can recall them pretty easily when compared to learning via other digital mediums. With so many free resources available online, it is vital that you verify the quality of the material before following it.

Some of the good YouTube channels to follow for mastering python are as follows:

  1. Programming Knowledge

  2. Treehouse

  3. Anaconda Inc.

  4. Python training by Dan Bader

  5. Data School

  6. Michael Kennedy

Try to attend Python Workshops/Webinars

Hands on Python Programming

Be it free/paid, webinars are one of the best ways where you can get individual attention from the speakers. So watch quality webinars from reputed sources to catch up on the latest trends and clarify your queries from the experts. Whilst it is not always possible to attend workshops/conferences/webinars live, there are multiple online channels that broadcast conferences/webinar recordings.

Here are some of the channels that broadcast good content:

  1. EuroPython Conference

  2. EuroSciPy

  3. PyCon Australia

  4. PyCon Canada

  5. PyCon Singapore

Reading Books

In addition to online courses, tutorials, and mentors, it is also important that you look at physical books that will help you get a better grasp of the basics of Python. Here is a good list to start.

  1. Learn Python the Hard Way

  2. Head First Python

  3. Fluent Python

  4. Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python

  5. Python Cookbook

Familiar yourself with Mathematics

Master Mathematics for Data Science

As a programmer, you ought to solve math problems to get a grasp of the logical problems that you will encounter in the programming practice. Learn the basics of maths thoroughly with a focus on statistics and you are good to go. Here are areas that you need to focus:

  1. Linear Algebra

  2. Probability

  3. Statistics & Optimization

  4. Calculus(For deep learning)


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