Want to ace a Data Science interview Don’t miss out on these Steps

Want to ace a Data Science interview Don't miss out on these Steps
Want to ace a Data Science interview Don't miss out on these Steps

Do you want to ace a Data Science interview Don’t miss out on these Steps.

Do you want a job in the field of Data Science? Want to know how to successfully ace it? In this article, we will show you how you can do it.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Data Science?
  • Scope of Data Science
  • Steps to prepare for Data science interview
  • Points to remember before going for an interview
  • Conclusion


Data Science is a field spreading in today’s world just like memes do.

It is the most rapid going one. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that helps analyze the data to make our lives better. Also, the demand for data scientists is constantly growing.

What is Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that helps analyze the data to make our lives better. Also, the demand for data scientists is constantly growing. For example, assume there is a company that has lots of products or customers. These are handled in a database but suppose u want to predict the upcoming sales or u want to analyze which sale is going up/down and many other things, well that is what a data science person does.

Scope of Data Science

There is a lot of scope in this field as it is a growing field. You may never see a shortage of jobs rather it increases every year. In India, the package is around 8 LPA at an avg and $100 Thousand in the U.S.

Steps to prepare for Data Science interview

Now that you know what Data Science and its scope is, let’s check out what are the steps required to be prepared for the interview and ace it. These are the steps:

  1. Know the Different Roles
  2. Must needed skills for Data Science 
  3. Try to get projects or internships
  4. Build your LinkedIn profile
  5. Prepare resume
  6. Start practicing for interview
  7. Start Applying
  8. HR rounds

1. Know Different Roles

As I said, Data Science is a vast field, there are many subfields that you should know that start specializing in that. Most people only say that they want to become a Data Scientist not knowing there’s more in this field. The following are the different jobs that exist in Data Science:

  1. Data Engineer
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Video Analyst
  5. Data Scientist
  6. Data Visualization
  7. Statistician
  8. Machine Learning Engineer
  9. Computer Vision Engineer
  10. Data Architect
  11. Data Science Manager

And many more are there. First, do some research on this before taking a subfield and get to know their roles and things they do in the job.

2. Must needed skills for Data Science

Now, as you have chosen your Role, the important step is to acquire the required skills. For every subfield in Data Science, Python and high-level Mathematics topics like probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra are the required skills you should be knowing and become an expert. Other skills include analytical skills, SQL/NoSQL, Excel. You should give it a thorough research and start studying and practicing it. Remember, learn all the skills u will need before going into any Interview cause nowadays interviewers first see

the skills you have gained. Take your own time in learning, don’t be in a rush. Start conversing with the people who are already working in this field, it would be a great help in finding the right direction.

3. Try to get projects or internships

After learning all the required skills that you need in the field, start making projects on your own or find an internship. These two things can affect a lot in your career. Start exploring and find an internship for a better experience and training in the field. Don’t Stop trying if you are not getting any internships, start making a project then. Even if you are getting errors or face any kind of difficulty, don’t stop just do it.

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4. Build a strong social profile

Now that done have started or done with the internships and projects, start making your social accounts like LinkedIn and GitHub. This will be a huge step towards your career. Start posting your certifications, projects, things you did in your internship, and much more. Also start attending social competitions and attending Events like DataHack Summit. Also start to solve others’ queries in Quora or any community area. It will make and bring a good image of you and make you refresh your skills and mistakes that you shouldn’t do.

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5. Prepare resume

The resume is the main part which any company will see before calling you for the HR rounds. You should make your resume in a short, crisp efficient manner that contains all your Certifications, your social profiles like LinkedIn, GitHub, or even you have a YouTube channel or a web page or blogging site.

6. Start Practicing for Interview

Now that u have made your resume also, it is time to practice. Start practicing for every round you will face at the time of the interview.

There are basically three rounds that you encounter- Aptitude, Technical round, and HR round. Some of the companies also keep GD round which consists of the discussions over a particular topic. Start giving aptitude practice questions that you can find. It may be more useful to start with the questions of the company u may desire. After that, comes the technical round which comprises of certain real-life problems based on your field. The problems may be difficult but don’t stop practicing, it will make a great turn in your career. Now comes the HR round, which comprises of the questions an interviewer asks based on your skills, your resume, and the works you have done till now. Start researching the questions that you have to encounter so that whenever they question you, you should be prepared. Also, you can find the questions that you may encounter for your desired company.

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7. Start Applying

Now that you have also practiced for your interview rounds, start applying. Do some research where there are job openings for your field and start applying. Remember, don’t just apply for the company you are interested in, apply for every opening, don’t lose this opportunity, have it as a backup plan.

8. HR Rounds

Now if you are at this stage, you are almost in the process of getting hired. The interviewers at this stage know what you are capable of because you have passed the two rounds before. They know that you have the technical skills, but the main question is they don’t know how you communicate, express yourself, or your way of presentation. Moreover, they at your attire, the gesture, and the way you handle tricky questions. They may also ask you Companies recent projects or the name of the higher executives, so before going into the HR round make sure that you have researched their backgrounds and every little thing about them. 

Points to remember before going into interview

Don’t Get panic in front of the interviewers, it will leave a bad impression of your personality. Go in proper attire or the dress code they have given.

Be yourself, don’t imitate others because they are they and you are you, you are going to be in that company even for a long period of time, so the company should see and accept your personality, not of others’. Be patient, don’t lose hope if you didn’t clear one interview, there will be more chances waiting for you in this world. 


Congrats on reaching this level!! you have all the things you can to get hired. All the best.

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