Data Analytics using Python specialization
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Data Analytics using Python


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This specialisation will give you the right foundation on data analysis using python and effectively use it analyze and visualize data! You will know how to collect data sing beautifulsoup, selenuim and how to analyse data using Numpy and Pandas libraries. Start your career in Data Science!

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Nov 12 | 3:01 PM


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What You Will Learn

Goal - Data Science
What you will learn

Data Analytics using Python

  • Use the Numpy library to create and manipulate arrays.
  • Use the pandas module with Python to create and structure data.
  • Perform various data operations in Python's popular 'Numpy" and "Pandas" libraries.
  • How to handle missing or broken data sets

  • Basic understanding of python programming

Data Analytics using Python Batch Schedule

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Introduction to data analysis

What is Data, Why Data is so Important?, Data Ecosystem, Data Driven Decision Making, Steps of Data Analysis Process. Case study:- Google employee records.

12 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min

12 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup

Introduction to Web Scraping, Steps for Analysis, Inspector Tool, Introduction to HTML, Requests and types, Beautiful Soup, Parsing a HTML webpage, find, find_all Functions, Finding tags inside a tag, Limitations of Beautiful Soup. Case Study :- Mi products data collection from flipkart.

16 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min

16 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Web Scraping using Selenium

Introduction to Selenium, Installation, Need of ChromeDriver, How to use Selenium-initial steps, Headless argument for chrome, Accessing data in Html, Finding elements using their Xpath, Scroll down a webpage Case Study :- LinkedIn Jobs Scraping.

19 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min

19 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Introduction to Numpy

Limitations of Lists, Introduction to numpy, Creating numpy array using different ways, 2D numpy array, Random function, astype function, Axes in data preprocessing. Case Study :- Myntra Fashion data analysis.

23 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min

23 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Statistical Analysis using Numpy

Introduction to EDA, Filter using where function, Sorting array data, Reshape Function, Broadcasting Numpy Array. Case Study :- Myntra Fashion Data Analysis.

26 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min

26 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Introduction to Pandas

What is Pandas, Pandas Installation, Pandas Series, Pandas Dataframe, Columns Selection, Logical Operations on Columns, Rows Selection, Rows Selection using iloc, Rows Selection using conditions, Set and Reset Index, Strings Operations on Series, String Contain Function, Changing Datatype of Series, Finding Null Values, Dealing Null Values, Dropping Null Values, Drop Function. Case Study :- Amazon Earpods Data Analysis.

30 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min

30 Nov | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Data Analysis using Pandas

Loading Data in Pandas, Shape and Data Type, Exploratory Data Analysis, Correlation, Sorting Dataframes Pandas nlargest Function, Pandas apply Function, Exporting Dataframe to Files, Analyze Flipkart User Trends Joins, Arguments in Pandas Merge Function, Types of Joins, Pivot Table, Groupby Function, Column Operations. Case Study :- Amazon Earpods Data Analysis.

03 Dec | 03:01 PM | 90 min

03 Dec | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Data Visualization

Introduction to Data Visualization, Introduction to Matplotlib, Installation of Matplotlib, Elements of Plot, Figure, Axis/Axes, Ticks, Customizations of a Plot, Line Plot, Bar Graph, Scatter Plot, Histogram, Box Plot, Pie Chart, Subplot Introduction to Seaborn, Seaborn Installation, Advanced Graphs using Seaborn, KDE Plot, Scatter Plot, Pair Plot, Heat Map, Topics you need to know, Count Plot Case Study :- Covid-19 data visualization.

07 Dec | 03:01 PM | 90 min

07 Dec | 03:01 PM | 90 min
Capstone Project - StackOverflow Data Analysis

Stack overflow is a community of over 10 million users and every year they conduct a survey to understand what programmers require and what companies are looking in programmers. This project is to get meaningful insights from the raw data using data analysis concepts from this specialisation..

10 Dec | 03:01 PM | 90 min

10 Dec | 03:01 PM | 90 min

Data Analytics using Python

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