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How to Predict Stock Price from Zerodha using Time Series Analysis?

What if you can predict stock price? You can make fortunes out of it. Although its difficult to accurately predict stock price, its possible using machine learning algorithms. Time series is one such algorithm you can use to predict stock price. Book your free session to know how time series is used to predict stock price.


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The stock market is known as a place where people can make a fortune if they can crack the secrete to successfully predict stock prices. But it’s impossible to predict a stock price correctly most the time. So the questions is, "is it possible to predict the stock price?"

In this live session, you will understand how to work with historical data about the stock prices and how to implement  machine learning algorithms to predict the future stock price. You will understand neural networks, time series and LSTM.

Even though we strive to make it easy for absolute beginners, its very productive session if you know basic python programming.


How to Predict Stock Price from Zerodha using Time Series Analysis?