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Python Programming


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This practical, live instructed python programming course teaches you python programming fast. Mentor use case studies in each class and you will build & deploy a web app by the end of this course.

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Nov 8 | 3:01 PM


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What You Will Learn

Goal - Data Science
What you will learn

Python Programming

  • Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language.
  • Work with Python’s conditional statements, functions, loops and data structures
  • Write programs that can do text pattern recognition with "regular expressions"
  • Write modular code
  • How to use data base and working with MySQL and python
  • Build and deploy a webapp

  • Laptop with good internet connection
  • Computer basics

Python Programming Batch Schedule

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Python Programming Basics

Introduction to Python Programming, Variables, Numeric data types, String data types, Type casting, Taking input from user, Python Operators, Conditional statements, If condition, Nested if, Loops, While loop, For loop. Case study: Build POC app to help tourist navigate/select visiting places and manage expenditure..

08 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

08 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Python Data Structures - Lists and Tuples

Python data structures, Lists, Methods used with Lists, Accessing values from the lists, Tuples, Methods used with Tuples, Accessing values from Tuples. Case study: Build POC app to manage employee records.

11 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

11 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Python Data Structures - Dictionaries and Sets

Python data structures, Dictionaries, Methods used with dictionaries, Nested dictionaries, Sets, Access set items, Methods used with sets Case study: Add features to manage employee records.

15 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

15 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Python Strings, Regex and Exception Handling

Strings, Methods used with strings, Regular expressions, methods used with regular expressions, Exception handling. Case study: Build form validator using regex..

18 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

18 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Python - Functions

Introduction to functions, Return statement, Functions with parameters, Local variables, Global variables, Lambda function Case study: Build a POC app for job listing platform. Develop ‘add job’ and ‘search job’ functionalities.

22 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

22 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Python Modular programming - Oops & Classes

Introduction to modular programming, OOPS, OOPS vs Functional Programming, Classes, Methods, File handling Case study: Build a POC for Job listing website.

25 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

25 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Working with Database - MySQL

Introduction to DBMS, MySQL, Installation, Creating database, tables, insert data, Queries, sorting, Primary and secondary keys, Foreign Keys, Joins Case study: Mi Product Analysis, use.

29 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min

29 Nov | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Web Basics & Flask

Basics of web development, Html, CSS, Intro to flask, Deploying web app using flask Case study: Deploy a webapp using flask.

02 Dec | 03:01 PM | 60 min

02 Dec | 03:01 PM | 60 min
Capstone Project - Web app - Personal Expense Tracker

Build and deploy personal expense tracker using Html, CSS, Python, MySQL, Flask webapp..

06 Dec | 03:01 PM | 60 min

06 Dec | 03:01 PM | 60 min

Python Programming

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